What could Thames Water look like in public ownership?

29 March 2024

1) A supervisory governing board with representatives from households, workers, communities, environmental groups, local councils and water experts.

2) A public mission with new duties to

  • Make sure everyone can afford water
  • Work with communities to clean up rivers and seas
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Steward public assets and land for the future

3) New powers for you and your household to

  • Access all data about company performance on sewage, leaks, customer service
  • Attend board meetings and ask questions
  • Visit Thames Water’s shopfront on a high street near you
  • Give feedback or new ideas for improving the service
  • Help make plans with local groups for cleaning up rivers and seas
  • Vote for representatives of Participate, the new democratically accountable watchdog for everyone who uses Thames Water’s services (or stand for election yourself)
  • Vote against any proposals to reprivatise!

Thames Water: A model for 21st century public ownership

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Alex Luffrum replied on Permalink

When the water companies were privatised, yes, the companies were empowered to make significant improvements and investment into the provision of water. However the water companies paid more attention to their shareholders rather than their customers. The net result being a significant drop in standards of water provision to their customers.

Elizabeth Cowan replied on Permalink

Hope we can make this happen

Marie O'Connell replied on Permalink

Want to b activist

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