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6 February 2024

After 40 years, privatisation of our public services has failed. It's time for public ownership. We use it, we pay for it, we own it.

We Own It is a campaigning organisation. Promoted by Cat Hobbs for We Own It, both of The Old Music Hall, 106-108 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1JE.

Our mission

We Own It campaigns against privatisation and for 21st century public ownership. We believe public services belong to all of us - from the NHS to schools, water to energy, rail to Royal Mail, care work to council services.

Privatisation keeps failing - but there are lots of brilliant examples of public ownership we can learn from in the UK and around the world. Public ownership is incredibly popular. It will save money for the public purse, improve people's lives and help us tackle the climate crisis.

We Own It is an independent organisation, not connected to any political party and mostly funded by individual donations.

Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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Stuart murray replied on Permalink

Save the nhs......

Joe Forker replied on Permalink

The government is doing a disservice to it's people and it's frontline workers by it's blatant disregard for what we want and deserve from our public services. The workers just want to do their job, but are continuously underfunded, underappreciated and unsupported.

Fanny Peppercorn replied on Permalink

100% support NHS and horrified at what’s happening to it . Can’t find the link in the bio to message MP as stated on we own it pg ?

Jeanette Burke replied on Permalink

Most people don't know how privatisation is creeping into the NHS. This is what people need to be told.

Heather Doran replied on Permalink

Absolutely horrified that our nhs services are being sold to private firms. Why why why. This is not cost effective & just trying to dismember the NHS

Robert Monaghan replied on Permalink

We have to fight back against this. At sometime in our lives we are all going to find out what this creeping privatisation will mean when we turn for help and it’s not there, free of charge.

Polly White replied on Permalink

Privatising the NHS is destroying it - one of the most valuable things this country has and makes us proud to be British.

Ammar Dungarwalla replied on Permalink

Necessary Utilities shouldn’t be in private hands

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