Better Buses for Merseyside Consultation

The Mayor has handed the decision to introduce a London-style system of public control, called franchising, to you. But you've only 48 hours left to take part.

Franchising allows fares, tickets, routes, and timetables to be integrated and planned in the public interest. It's the system used in every other European country.

We've created a click-to-email response below: it's the fastest way to show your support for the plans.

Before you hit send, here are two things to do!

(1) Please make sure you edit the email with your answers to the following questions before hitting send.

  • QS3. List all that apply from: Car/van, as driver; Car/van, as passenger; Bus; Train; Bicycle;
    Taxi; Walking; Ferry.
  • QS4. Put just one from: 5 times a week or more; 3 to 4 times a week; 1 to 2 times a week; Once a month; Less often; Never; Don’t know.

(2) If you've more time, please answer the questions (labelled QD) at the bottom, changing the answers from "prefer not to say" to one of the suggested answers from the full questionnaire found here.