Quick guide to the 30 reasons to reclaim campaign!

Stage one: write your script!

We need you to say just four key things.

  1. Name the leaders of the region. "Dan Norris. Marvin Rees. Kevin Guy. Toby Savage."
  2. Introduce yourself. "I'm [Jo]. I live in [Kingswood/St Werburghs, Bristol/Bath]"
  3. Say why you want buses in public control. "I want you to use your devolved powers to bring buses into public control through franchising. That's because I want buses that [put people over profit/will help get people out of their cars to fight climate change/are accountable to local people/can reinvest profits to protect quieter routes from cuts/reinvest profits to lower fares.]
  4. Make our specific demand. "Your next Mayoral Authority meeting is on March the 17th. Please take that opportunity to launch a formal investigation into bus franchising. We've all be waiting far too long for a decent bus service. Please act now."

Stage two: record your video!

  1. Record your video! Don’t worry if it takes a few times to get through your script OR if you slip up. We want our videos to look like they’re by members of the public to show the region’s leaders that the public really care about this issue.

Alert! If you’re recording on your phone, please record a portrait!

Stage three: fill in the consent form!

  1. Please go to the form online here https://forms.gle/6aLeb99E2VigGtdb9 to give us permission to post this video on our social media channels.

Stage four: upload your video!

  1. Now that you’ve filled in the consent form, it’s time to upload your video!
  2. Go to our DropBox and upload the video file: https://www.dropbox.com/request/rn49aeYN4DCsEH60MR9E
  3. Make sure you complete the form and upload your video. You should get an email confirming it has been submitted. If not, try again.

You’re done! Thank you SO much for taking part. If you have any problems or questions, please email matthew@weownit.org.uk.