Join our lockdown army to protect the NHS

8 May 2020

Over the last few days, hundreds of you have signed up to join our team of NHS protectors, calling on your MPs to protect the NHS from trade deals.

Loads of people have already gone through our training session, and have started emailing and calling their MPs. Will you join them?

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We're trying something totally new with this campaign - we're training up hundreds of people like you who care about the NHS to have meetings with their MP, to try and persuade them to protect the NHS from trade deals. 

The Conservatives don't want to admit that the NHS is in danger, and they've got an 80 person majority - so we've got a job on our hands! But that's why we need all of you, to step up and join us. 

Now is the perfect moment to be pushing for more protection for our NHS - the government won't want to be seen to do anything to put our health service in danger at a time like this. Let's seize the moment!

Already we're starting to see the effect - MPs are rattled, or supportive, and telling us really important info about the progress of the Trade Bill and how we can best protect our NHS. 

We need YOU to be our eyes and ears across the country, pushing your MP to act, and feeding back to us. 

Are you up for the challenge? Sign up to one of our training sessions here.

For more information you can download our toolkit and briefing here - use these to make the most of your meeting with your MP after you've done the training! 

Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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Ann Diggens replied on Permalink

Please do not sell any more of our NHS

Diane Griffiths replied on Permalink

I'm afraid this is what they have wanted to do since the 1980s

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