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"Junior Doctors' Protest" by Rohin Francis is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

1 September 2021

5.5 million patients in England alone are waiting for treatment right now. And we're seeing rising figures across the UK - the number of people on waiting lists is increasing in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

We know that these waiting list figures are the result of Covid, but also a decade of cuts and privatisation in our NHS.

This is an emergency. Our NHS needs funding.

But instead of giving our health service the money it needs, the government are focusing on re-organising to hand more of it out to private companies. 

And as waiting lists continue to make front-page news, we want to share the real human impact behind the numbers.  

Can you share your story with the press?

Journalists are keen to publish your stories of waiting for treatment or being forced into paying for it.

That's because your experiences show the real-world effects of the government's decision - getting press coverage means that your story may be what makes the government change their minds and give the NHS the funding it needs.

Here's what journalists need from you:

1. Your permission to share your first and last name with your story. 

2. Your permission to include a photo - a photographer will come to you and take your picture to go alongside your story.

3. A short paragraph outlining the treatment you're waiting for, how long you've been waiting and what impact it's having on your daily life. If you've had to pay for private treatment, please include whether you had to sacrifice or go without anything to access care. We need this to give journalists an overview of your experience before they reach out to you.

If you have a story to share, please get in touch with us at We'll only pass your stories to our press contacts with your permission. Journalists will then be in contact with you about your experience and to arrange a photographer.

Many of you have already shared your experiences of being on a waiting list or paying for private treatment - thank you. We'll be putting your stories up on our website soon. 



"Junior Doctors' Protest" by Rohin Francis is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

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Anonymous replied on Permalink

Tory profit must be terminated

Dr Shobha Sriva... replied on Permalink

I am a retired NHS Consultant and am passionate about our NHS. I cared for my patients and worked hard. I had my left shoulder replacement surgery in March 2019 and was told by my surgeon I needed the right one in less than a year. Got a date in March 2020 but no beds so another date in April 2020 but by then Covid had struck so postponed. Another date in November 2020 but I got an infection, waited over a year in lot of pain and uncertainty. Another date 1st July 2021 but yet another postponement, finally did happen on 5th July and am fortunately doing well. I can well understand the anguish patients and indeed their families are going through and waiting list going up. We need more funding not less and more staff. We are short of healthcare workers in care homes and nursing homes. There is no end to it. Thank you

Christopher Earl replied on Permalink

I am a 73 year old pensioner with two arthritic hips. I was refered for replacements in June 1919, but only because a consultant at the John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford wrote to my GP. A different GP at my Medical Centre said he was going to refer me in 1917 but obviously he didn`t. I contacted my GP in June this year as 2 years had now passed. I was told I had to be re-refered and went for x-rays and I am currently waiting for a TELEPHONE appointment with a physiotherapist. In the meantime I am in constant pain, cannot walk very far and if it wasn`t for my car I would be housebound.

Sarah Lasenby replied on Permalink

I am in the process of having cataract treatment and of course I am pleased not to have to wait too long. But the down side is it is being done by a private company - in Wokingham, I live half an hours walk away from the JR Hospital University Foundation Trust. I insisted in being taken by the clinics transport and I grateful as it took over an hour. They tried twice to get me to get a friend to take me. If I had they would have had to wait around three hours in the car park as they were not allowed into the building (Covid Regulations) Altogether a five hour trip and two more of these to come. The service seems pretty good and I await the actual operation.

Not sure if this is the sort of thing you want? No problem if it isn't;

Kim Edwards replied on Permalink

I've damaged a tendon in my right arm. I used the self referral physio service in my area (the South West of England) and waited over a month for the initial appointment for assessment; I've used this service before and usually you can get an appointment within 2 or 3 days. I also paid for physio privately but the NHS physio was better by far. There's a two month wait for an ultrasound scan.

Meanwhile my work is affected - I teach yoga and exercise classes and have to wear a sling while teaching to stop myself using that arm and making it worse, and it's very painful.

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