People across the UK are declaring their local NHS hospital a trade deal free zone

11 November 2020

In July, Conservatives in the House of Commons voted against an amendment to the Trade Bill that would protect our NHS from trade deals, despite their manifesto promise to keep our NHS "off the table" in trade deals.

The Bill is now in the House of Lords and over 300,000 people have signed our petition calling on peers to pass an amendment to exclude our NHS from trade deals. Over 21,000 have signed our letter to the leaders of the main parties in the Lords asking them to whip their members to back an NHS amendment. 

As we showed in a blog in October, the NHS protection amendment would protect our NHS by (i) preventing hikes to drug prices, (ii) protecting the employment rights of NHS workers, (iii) prohibiting the sale of our patient data to private companies and (iv) excluding our NHS from the purview of any investor-state dispute settlement clause in the trade deal. Without an amendment that protects our NHS, we run the risk of exposing our NHS to pillaging by huge multinational private companies. 

On Wednesday, 11th November, hundreds of people across the country took action to declare their local NHS hospital a trade deal free zone and called on their MPs to VOTE to protect our NHS when the Trade Bill returns to the House of Commons. Here's a cross-section of them:   

Abbeymead Surgery - Romsey

Bristol Children's Hospital - Bristol

Bristol Royal Infirmary - Bristol

Buttercross Health Centre - Somerton

Dewsbury and District Hospital - Dewsbury

Macclesfield District General Hospital - Macclesfield

Ormskirk and District General Hospital - Ormskirk

St Helier Hospital - Carshalton

Stepping Hill Hospital - Stockport

Swindon NHS Health Centre - Swindon

University Hospital Lewisham - Lewisham

Hereford County Hospital - Hereford

Lewes Victoria Hospital - Lewes

Royal Hallamshire Hospital - Sheffield

St George Hospital - Tooting

Station Drive Surgery - Ludlow

Southbourne Surgery - Chichester

Royal Victoria Hospital - Folkestone

St James's Hospital - Leeds

Sunderland Royal Hospital - Sunderland

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Keith Smith replied on Permalink

Most of us keep the promises they make. Politicians should always keep their promises and support the people of this country. Hands off our NHS.

Chris A. replied on Permalink

No need for US style predatory healthcare here in Britain, so please keep the NHS out of a UK-US trade deal. Let's fund our NHS, improve it, and keep it under public control. Oh and by the way, stop the creeping privatisation of the NHS.

Sara Clarke replied on Permalink

No one will vote for liars.

John Francis Moss replied on Permalink

This Tory government basically don't care about us, shown by them not wanting to protect the NHS.

Also, their agenda is to privatize the health service so to make a profit out of it, that's all they do care about.

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