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28 October 2020

Get Glasgow Moving are an amazing campaign group trying to get world-class public transport for Greater Glasgow, which we know means publicly owned and controlled transport. 

And you can make a huge difference to communities getting publicly controlled and owned transport, first in Glasgow, then all over the UK!

They need you to take action this week to get better buses! Glasgow City Council's consultation on the new Local Transport Strategy is closing this Friday 30 October 2020, and they need to hear from you.

This Strategy must using the new powers available in the Transport Act 2019 to bring buses into public control, and set up a publicly-owned bus operator for our region, which will put passengers first.

It's the only way we can deliver a fully-integrated network that allows passengers to hop from bus, to train, to Subway with one simple and affordable ticket.

But they won't take the risk unless they know that this is what residents and passengers want!

Will you make yourself a cuppa and set aside 15 mins to tell Glasgow City Council why you and your community needs better public transport?

Take the survey

People in Greater Glasgow have suffered at the hands of private bus companies far too long, with rip-off fares and routes being cut leaving communities isolated.

Unless we stop them now, Glasgow City Council have said they want to maintain the status quo by continuing to develop a 'partnership' with these companies to "closely align with the needs and requirements of the bus industry". But Partnerships are NOT progress. They continue with bus companies having all the power, able to decide:

  1. Routes 
  2. Fares 
  3. On their own ticketing systems
  4. And their own timetables. 

This is the opposite of putting passengers first and it will never deliver the reliable and affordable public transport network that we need.

Manchester and Liverpool look like they might take on the private bus companies by bringing their networks into public control. We need Glasgow to commit to doing the same.

Please take the survey and share details of the consultation on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. We need everyone who cares about improving public transport in Greater Glasgow to take action by Friday 30 October!

If it happens in these places, it will set a precedent that can be followed all over the country. So wherever you are, please offer your thoughts in the survey.

Take the survey NOW for better buses for communities! 

If you would like to further support their grassroots campaign, please become a member of Get Glasgow Moving. The voluntary committee - Ellie, Gavin, Susan, Brenda, Calum, Miles, Neil, David, Dylan and Mike - look forward to meeting you and having you on board!

For now, thank you for taking the survey to get better buses for Glasgow. 

Why not share the action so we can get as many people as possible to storm this consultation with brilliant responses like yours? 

Share details of the consultation on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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