Tory HQ makes shocking move to block candidates pledging to protect the NHS

Boris Johnson

7 November 2019

Thanks to the over 30,000 people who have written to their MP or parliamentary candidate, more than 140 General Election candidates or former MPs have now pledged to protect our NHS from trade deals by ending privatisation. Parliamentary candidates from Labour, the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the Greens, as well as some independents have signed the pledge! 

This is a huge victory! We've put the pressure on and helped make the NHS a major issue in the election, with the front page of the Mirror last week showing that the public don't trust Boris Johnson on the NHS. 

But sadly, the Conservatives don't seem like they're interested in winning the public's trust. A leaked memo from Conservative HQ has instructed their parliamentary candidates to not sign the pledge to protect the NHS from trade deals. No Conservative or Lib Dem candiates have yet signed our pledge.

To make things worse, the Conservatives are still parroting the claim that the 'NHS is not for sale'. So to set the record straight:

  • Our NHS is already for sale - 18% of NHS funding now goes to private providers, including VirginCare, Priory Group (an American healthcare company) and others. The 2012 Health and Social Care Act required NHS Trusts to contract out the provision of services through competitive tendering, which has inevitably led to private companies winning contracts.
  • A trade deal could lock in current and future privatisation, making it impossible to reverse, as well as opening doors to ever-spiralling drug costs. Future governments trying to reduce or remove privatisation could be faced with expensive legal challenges from US healthcare companies and the risk of massive fines.
  • As long as private companies are allowed to provide NHS services through competitive contracting, the NHS is vulnerable to Trump’s trade deal - it's on the table. But if our NHS was an entirely public service, it wouldn’t even be on the menu. 

But the only reason the Conservatives are having to have this conversation is because of the pressure put on them by everyone who has taken part in this campaign.

Thank you to every single person who has emailed their MP, helped get over 140 parliamentary candidates signed up to the pledge, and put the NHS on the agenda in this election. 

Keep the pressure up - ask your next Mp to sign the pledge

You can also join our action to get the NHS off the table.

Boris Johnson

Image of Boris Johnson credit: Annika Haas, Creative Commons

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Philip Watson replied on Permalink

The health service is vital

embassy ahmed replied on Permalink

good service

robert ledger replied on Permalink

Save our NHS

mr. Terence Noon. replied on Permalink

I think it is absolutely vital the NHS is not given or sold to profiteering private owners. The level of healthcare for EVERYBODY should not be linked to their ability to pay. That is a basic human right for EVERYBODY. I had a letter printed in my local paper last January concerning the Naylor report. I was sickened when I read this report. Keep up the pressure you fine compassionate people. Terry Noon.

Deborah rankin replied on Permalink

I am signing this to protect my health and that of my family our health service is the most valuable procession we have as a nation and needs to be protected from the tories

mary kitt replied on Permalink

Public services should never be run by the private sector

T replied on Permalink

I have cancer. I have worked hard in childcare and special needs but can't afford private health cover. I shudder to think what would have happened to me and others like me in an American style health system.

The poorest may get some help, the richest help themselves, those who work hard and care are left to fall. It is a sad indictment of Tory Britain.

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