Which Labour leadership candidates are backing our NHS?

1 April 2020

The Labour leadership race has entered its final stretch. Under the shadow of coronavirus, the Labour Party will soon announce who will be leading it into the future. 

When the coronavirus crisis is over, we must never go back to underfunding and undermining our NHS through privatisation.

Thats why, with the NHS having never been under so much strain, we asked each of the Labour leadership candidates to commit to a series of pledges to defend, protect, and strengthen our vital health service.

We asked them to commit to:

  • Reinstate our NHS as a fully publicly owned, universal service, ending all privatisation and outsourcing
  • Give our NHS the level of funding it needs per capita, in line with comparable countries like France and Germany
  • Enable the NHS to produce its own essential medical equipment and supplies
  • Establish a publicly owned pharmaceutical company to improve access to vital drugs and vaccines

At the time of writing, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Rosena Allin-Khan and Richard Burgon have commited to all four of these.

Angela Rayner has commited to the first three, as per the Labour Party's 2019 manifesto. We have not yet received a response from the other candidates. 

Read all about the pledges and check out our tracker now.

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