Join the Day of Action: Stop the NHS Private Takeover Bill

9 June 2021

Matt Hancock is planning NHS legislation in England that will allow for more American-style privatisation, and will let private companies make decisions about our health care. Last week, Virgin were given a seat on the new NHS decision-making body in Bath and Somerset!

This new system in England will be a tug of war between you and private companies, with your healthcare at stake - so we want you to organise a 'tug of war' stunt locally, with Richard Branson, the privatisers, and Matt Hancock on one side, and you and a few friends on the other!

We need you to organise action locally across England on Saturday July 17th, to help get this the attention it deserves and put a stop to the plans! We'll have other actions for people outside of England and who can't make it physically!

Let's call on Matt Hancock to scrap these plans and reinstate a fully publicly-run NHS. 


How to organise a tug of war stunt for July 17th's Day of Action, 

1. Ask 5 people you know to get involved with your local action.  You might not be able to think of 5 people right now, but you've got plenty of time to reach out to friends and family!  You can keep it simple: invite them to meet together outside your local town hall on July 17th for the tug of war stunt. We'll provide placards (link for printable placards coming soon!) and leaflets (link for leaflets also coming soon!).  We think the tug of war is a striking visual to reflect how our NHS is being pulled away from us by private profiteers.  Please see our tips for this visual below.*

2. Let us know you're organising local action by reaching out to us at  We'll help you get in the local press and add a list to this page of all the actions taking place.  Don't worry if you don't live in England or can't make it out - we'll have actions you can take - make sure to get the date in your diary!

3. On the day of action, take plenty of pictures!  We hope the pictures will look like the one below - selfies aren't the best for journalists.  Make sure to send your photos to us at, and post them on Facebook, Twitter (draft tweet to come) and Instagram.  Tag your local MP too to demand they take action to stop the private takeover bill.

*Tips for a great tug of war visual stunt:

- Get a small group together so that you enough people to form two sides of the tug of war.  On one side, you - and some friends - can wear masks to pretend to be Matt Hancock (you could maybe wear a suit) and Richard Branson (a relaxed white shirt and jeans could work well!) to represent private companies and the government pulling our NHS away from us.  On the other side, you can have your friends pull the rope away from the profiteers to give us back our NHS!  Please use the links above to get a hold of the masks and rope or we can help deliver them to you!  

If you're unsure about how to organise locally or would just like to find out more , please join our Day of Action training sessions on Monday 14th June at 6-6.30pm, Monday 21st June at 12-12.30pm and Tuesday 22nd June at 5.30-6pm.

Thank you so much. Together, we'll get an NHS in public hands! 

This new system will be a tug of war between you and private companies, with your healthcare at stake. Get involved and take action locally on Saturday, 17th July to stop this in its tracks! 

Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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Cathie Thomson replied on

Totally opposed to any privatisation

Michael Rathe replied on

Let’s do it!!!

Carole Henson replied on

The NHS is a public concern

Douglas Mitchell replied on

Virgin already is in charge of our surgery. I want them out.

Gayle Sheriff replied on

Good for you. This back door privatisation by Tories and Blair’s government has gone on for too long

Paul Crummy replied on

Got to stick together on this ALL walks of life

Alan Collins replied on

Public health should not be for profit and no person should gain from someone else’s misfortune

David Wilton replied on

The National Health Service, Was created for everyone, and certainly for the less fortunate people of the country, I Honestly Believe it should be a criminal offence When the more fortunate people want to make a profit out of a humane organisation, it turns my stomach sick when I hear of these grab all people, and more shocking is when we find out these people are our personal friends, that would stab the less fortunate people in the back, friends like that you don’t need enemies.

Simon Furness replied on

This is an attempt at privatisation by stealth by this government.

Pete Kendall replied on

Just say no and let's make sure they don't by an means necessary

Marion Morris replied on

This is our NHS not the Governments money cow.

We keep being told by them that the NHS is safe in their hands but that isn't true. They are selling and have sold parts of our NHS already and needs to be stopped NOW.

John replied on

'Many surgeries in London hijacked!

And many others elsewhere - we need to stop the rot!

Nikkie Griffiths replied on

Profit and shareholders should be nowhere near public health services

As soon as money is involved the poor and sick always lose out #protecttheNHS

Dede Wilson replied on

This has been going on since the Health and social Care Act was passed in 2012. Branson actually sued the NHS for £8m for not awarding him the contract for Bath's GP surgeries. Profit first, patients last. Gained through causing delays and preventing full proper care because GP practices with owners like Branson make their 'profit through 'prevention of appropriate treatment. They use referrals to private company ' specialists first. They do not let their doctors to refer to hospital consultants until they have exhausted the commissioned private 'specialist advisor' referrals first. eg Musculo-skeletal specialists...(ie physios), non medically trained staff online and pharmaceutical advisors. These delaying tactics prevent full proper diagnosis, dealing only with 'bits'at a time. The problems get worse until they are really serious.

Referrals to NHS consultants would ensure there is a proper diagnosis with appropriate treatment set up with teams of medical staff in the hospital. No profit in that.

Centene is a perfect example of this in practice. Many of you may have been referred to their Health Centres without knowing it. That is why it has been sued across the US. CCG privatisation has been accelerating since they were given free rein to buy in NHS Services hidden behind NHS logos. Stealth from the start.

I am a campaigner and a witness in the Mansfield Inquiry. The New Health Bill replaces the NHS as we know it with Integrated Care Systems. It has been through Parliament already but not the Lords. A lot of opposition there. Integrated Care Systems sounds good if you think it is genuinely 'Integrated Care' of medical and social services... primary, hospital etc. It's not. Patients and their data are 'products' to be sold to the highest bidders. CEO Simon Stevens is ready to step down now as everything for this is in place now, ready to be implemented. 'Integrated Care' really means replacing our fully public NHS with an American insurance led health care model(Private). This then to be integrated with what's left of the NHS itself, to become what is commonly known in the US as "Medicare', Obama Care, Accountable Care....etc. Patients' viablility for treatment will be is assessed in terms of 'cost' and whether or not it is worth providing the care they need.

Anonymous replied on

The selling off of our NHS has been taking place for years under this and other Tory governments. I am appalled and loosing faith in my fellow British Citizens who are sitting idly by engrossed in "love Island. Big Brother, the Masked Singer , Goggle Box etc" all distractions for the brain dead. The Tories are running down the NHS as they did with the Railways, Electricity Board and Water Board until is necessary to bale them out with private sector (or in reality Tory Donors) money. How stupid does the general public have to be to allow this to continue ..I have almost given up hope

Christina Aitken replied on

As an EX MEDICAL PA FOR THE NHS, I know for a fact this has been going for years and has been since they took on the bullying NHS Managers who clearly do not care about the public, but what the idots don't realise is all the good and hardworking and caring staff they have bullied and kicked out are now gone, some committed suicide. They tried to call me back 7 times last year to help with C19, I couldn't but wanted to help my colleagues, but I was bullied twice and my brain said NO, my heart said YES, but in the end they will sell it bit by bit, Virgin has been in Leatherhead for years, my MP Chris Philps assures me he is against and wrote to me which I gave to this group, but I know without the NHS we will all suffer for sure and those who can't afford will then go, mmmmm, maybe should have helped those who are trying to stop it, but it will BE TOO LATE.

Dorothy replied on

Keept the NHS for everyone

Anonymous replied on

As a supporter of the sdp party I endorse your campaign this rotten Tory government and it's tame Labour party need removing from office & parliament

Judith replied on

Absolutely disgraceful I said to my friends this was going to happen hands off its the people's NHS not the government's

Julie Bullen replied on

Its clear what happens when a country bases its Health Care on Private provision....look at America. The public hospitals for those

who can't afford private health care are truly awful, understaffed and dirty. And those who can only afford cheaper Private Medical Insurance often

find out that when they are sick their insurance company won't pay out - or acts dishonestly (there are a number of films about this, see True Movies). It can bankrupt families.

Dylyn Dalton replied on

We've just got to fight for what's ours!

Keith R Lay replied on

To paraphrase Marx. The direct aims of production are SOCIAL NECESSITY. However, the fruit and gains of said are directed for PRIVATE GAIN by the nature of their private expropriation

Eleanor Lewington replied on

The NHS is for all of us, ant not for profit for the private sector.

Susan Balbuena replied on

We must 'keep on keeping on' and get help from the media - those who care enough to keep this in the fore in the news. The public must not be duped into accepting private health in place of the NHS specialist services - private healthcare is generally not a patch on the specialisms in all fields within the NHS and not delivered with the care and commitment that the NHS provides either. We have to do all that is possible to stop this creeping corporate cancer colonising our most vital public service. I don't know if it would be possible to start a campaign, legally, where we can ring-fence our taxes to go to the real NHS and prevent them going to private providers, as was attempted during the 70's and 80's in with-holding taxes to prevent them going to funding nuclear weapons. The NHS is ours not the Government's or the corporate private pharmaceutical business's - lets get this message out.

John Montague replied on

When will they learn the lessens from the past that privatising companies do not have the peoples best interests at heart. Only the share owners.

Debra croxford replied on

The NHS belongs to the people not this Tory government. They should not be allowed to privatise for profit.

Veronica stonehouse replied on

What is wrong with this world, ( greed) money is power and the criminals have, and it starts from the top so I don’t think anything can be done about it

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