Time's nearly up for Thames Water. So let's bring it into public ownership - permanently

28 February 2024

Newspaper reports this week state that Thames Water, Britian's largest water monopoly, has been lobbying Ofwat to increase your bills, pay more dividends to its overseas investors, and try to squirm out of its way of paying fines for dumping sewage illegally

Thames Water is collapsing because it has racked up nearly £19 billion of debt. In 1989 it started out with zero debt. It has spent the last 34 years profiting at our expense. The company has paid out £7.2 billion in dividends and in 2022 paid out £37 million of “internal dividends” to its parent company.

Now officials at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are drawing up contingency plans for the company's failure, and have even nicknamed them 'Project Timber', because of the far-reaching consequences if it fails.

But, as We Own It founder and CEO Cat Hobbs explains our new video, there should be no bailout for Thames Water. The government's priority should be protecting the public from the mess Thames Water and its backers have brought upon themselves. Billpayers, and our precious rivers and seas, should not have to bear the brunt of their failure.

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Julie Parr replied on Permalink

How has our water system got so bad?

How come we didn’t see if our water company is owned by another country over sea’s people are not looking to cherish and look after it!

Bring it back to public ownership now!

Rod Willmott replied on Permalink

All sevices should be publicly owned.Privitisation only speeds the flow of money upwards into the pockets of "needy" sociapaths!

Julie Swift replied on Permalink

It is appalling that all these years later we are still suffering from the impact of Maggie Thatcher. Time to end this nightmare and take the water companies back into public ownership.

Duncan Lucas replied on Permalink

Vote Tory get total privatisation --NHS nearly 50% privatised -Big Medical/Big Pharma waiting in the wings -biggest US public debt -- Medical.

Scottish Water is criticised but at least its public owned.

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