Oxford University research: privatisation leads to worse care for patients

13 March 2024

This new research on healthcare from the University of Oxford is in and the verdict is damning: privatisation leads to worse care.

Benjamin Goodair, one of the authors, explains the findings in a new video, which you can watch and share below.

"There are basically no examples in which further outsourcing is corresponding with better patient outcomes," he explains.

The crushing summary is "our Review provides evidence challenging the justifications for health-care privatisation and concludes that the scientific support for further privatisation of health-care services is weak."

That's why we're calling on political candidates to take the Pledge for the NHS. Email your candidates here if you haven't already.

By taking the Pledge for the NHS candidates will be promising that if elected they will demand the new government, whatever party the government is from:

  •  Reinstate the Health Secretary’s legal duty to provide healthcare to all
  •  Give the NHS £40 billion more per year to catch up with equivalent European countries
  •  End outsourcing - bring services back in house as contracts end

Here's the full video. You can share it from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.



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JULIE BULLEN replied on Permalink

Thankyou for giving us a voice.

Its so sad what is happening for ordinary people who can't afford private care

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