Tell Ofcom - bring Royal Mail into public ownership

2 April 2024

Ofcom, the government regulator responsible, is asking the public for views on plans to reduce Royal Mail's legal obligation to deliver letters 6 days a week.

Don’t let them get away with this. Use our handy six-step guide to respond to the Ofcom consultation - it only takes five minutes. But you haven't got long - today, 3rd April at 5pm is the deadline. It is time to return to a Royal Mail that works for people, not profit. And that means taking it into public ownership.

The background

When Royal Mail was privatised in 2013-15 we were promised that we the public would get just as good if not better service. 

Vince Cable, the business secretary at the time, said the "overarching objective" of privatisation was to secure the universal service obligation that requires deliveries to any UK home six days a week. And now the private multinational corporation that owns Royal Mail wants to cut the number of days they deliver letters from 6 to 3 days a week.

Posties play a vital role in our communities. They deliver the ‘last mile’ from Lands End in Cornwall to John O’Groats in Scotland - delivering the post to the parts private operators can't reach.

The company has already been instructing posties to deprioritise letters, which is causing serious problems. It matters whether we receive our letters - doctor and hospital appointments, bank cards, voting information, and birthday cards! It matters for businesses and the economy too. 

The real problem is that our Royal Mail, which was a 500 year old successful institution before privatisation, is now working for a handful of shareholders - not for the British public. 

It should never have been privatised in the first place. Before being sold off, Royal Mail turned a profit and had high levels of customer satisfaction.

Now under privatisation we are paying more for a worse service: stamp prices have more than doubled since 2012, the year before Royal Mail was privatised. Today a 1st class stamp has gone up to £1.35! All the while, over the past five years the company has distributed £1.3 billion through dividends and buybacks

Tell Ofcom today that Royal Mail must deliver letters six days a week - we will not accept any downgrade in service. Find out how.

And tell them that RM should be owned by the public and work for the public. Privatisation has failed, 68% of the public want Royal Mail in public ownership.


You have till 5pm today, Wednesday 3rd April to send in your views. Can you take 5 minutes or less to submit a response now?

You recently forced the government to u-turn on plans to sell off Channel 4 and close railway ticket offices by responding to their consultations in huge numbers.

Now you have another big opportunity to do the same on Royal Mail. 


Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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Sara Siwiak replied on Permalink

Royal mail should keep delivering letters 6 days a week.

Joseph Campbell replied on Permalink

Please keep the post at 6 days a week and take back into pure public ownership. No outsourcing to private companies. Invest in it. This sevice is part of the soul of uk.

Maureen replied on Permalink

Bring Royal Mail back into public ownership

Teresa Manco replied on Permalink

Much like other utilities RM was sold off when successful to benefit a few investors over it's users. It should be brought back I to public ownership.

Karol Steele replied on Permalink

The Royal Mail, like gas, electricity, the rail service, and British Telecom should all be renationalised. Essential public services should be publicly owned, and not run solely for the profit of a handful of fat-cat, tax-dodging investors.

Elizabeth Allen replied on Permalink

Royal Mail, in its' current state, is not fit for purpose and should be returned to public ownership.

Postage prices are exorbitant and a 3 days a week delivery service is completely unacceptable

Operating with a priority for profit over service is inappropriate.

Finally, their decision to 'prioritise' what they deliver and when, is very, very, wrong and should be stopped. Pronto.

Ms Penny Ballinger replied on Permalink

We need a publicly funded postal service delivering letter 6 days a week

Carolyn Munro replied on Permalink

Renationalise Royal Mail!!! It belongs to the people and was not “theirs to sell off”! It is no longer a “service”, just a parcel delivery company. We, the People, want the service back!!!

Julie replied on Permalink

Bring back 6 day a week delivery! Remember when they delivered on Sundays in the run up to Christmas?

Sarah Featonby replied on Permalink

Privatisation has failed. We are paying more for a worse service - that is now getting more sporadic and expensive. It has been badly mismanaged and needs to return to public ownership for the good of the country.

shona marshall replied on Permalink

The Royal Mail, electricity, water, gas and the rail service should all be renationalised, and now! Essential public services should be publicly owned, given back to the people. They are services for the public and not for the bosses to gain obscene and immoral pay-outs. The price of stamps is ludicrous and to cut 2nd class deliveries (to force people to use 1st class?)is outrageous! Some elderly people look forward to receiving post and to seeing the postman. Shame on you ‘Royal’ Mail! Money grabbers.

Kenneth Garrad replied on Permalink

I work for Royal Mail for 35 years it was a good place to work. I am still a member of the union and realise that the staff are not happy and are very unhappy with the situation with management trying to change the terms and conditions without proper consultation

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