Since 2012 Four Seasons has been owned by UK-based private equity firm Terra Firma, and investment fund which specialises in taking over failing businesses in complex and highly regulated industries. A 2015 CRESC report found that Four Seasons is organised in a group of 185 companies in fifteen tiers through multiple jurisdictions including several different tax havens, facilitating tax avoidance and value extraction.

Four Seasons is a health and social care provider that runs over 300 nursing, residential and dementia care homes in the UK, and is one of the largest providers in the country. After taking over many homes from failed provider Southern Cross, Four Seasons has been dogged by liquidity problems, large debts and falling profits, which has meant it has sold many of its homes in the last couple of years. Various iterations of Four Seasons healthcare are registered with the Care Quality Commission, many of them with incredibly poor records of quality of care.

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