The London Patient Protection Pledge

Centene, the US health insurance company, through its UK subsidiary Operose Healthcare, has recently taken over 49 GP practices across Greater London.

I am deeply troubled by the implications of these takeovers for the quality of patient care and for the pay and conditions for GP practice staff.

I worry that this could increase health inequalities for Londoners.

Operose’s track record of closing GP practices for not being profitable here in the UK[1], as well as their owner’s (Centene’s) own track record in the US of being found guilty of underpayment of doctors and underprovision of doctors for patients[2], suggests Londoners’ primary health care needs should not be put in Centene’s hands.

I, therefore, oppose the takeover of GP practices in London by Centene’s subsidiary, Operose Healthcare.

If elected, I will fight to take back our NHS GP practices from Centene and oppose any other takeovers by profit-driven private corporations.

If elected, I will also fight against the privatisation of the NHS at every opportunity I have as a London Assembly member or as Mayor of London.

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1. The Daily Mail covered the Operose abandoning a practice they were running in 2018.

2. A recent We Own It London local leaders open letter, signed by 180 London councillors from all parties, catalogues Centene's extensive track record of bad practices.

Here are the candidates that have taken the pledge:

Mayoral candidates

Luisa Porritt

Richard Hewison 

Sian Berry 

Valerie Brown

Vanessa Hudson 

Assembly candidates

Andree Frieze 

Anita Halpin 

Anne Clarke 

Benali Hamdache

Caroline Russell 

Claire Bonham

Claire Sheppardd

Edward Apostolides 

Emma Wallace

Hannah Sawtell 

Helen Spiby-Vann 

Jarelle Francis

Judith Cazorla Rodenas 

Kirsten de Keyser 

Krupesh Hirani  

Len Duvall AM 

Lorraine Douglas 

Mary Ion

Maureen Martin 

Peter Underwood

Phil Brand 

Robin Talbot 

Stewart McGill 

Tim Kiely

Zack Polanski

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