Centene: Open Letter from London local leaders (MPs, Peers, Councillors & Assembly members) to CCGs

Dear Clinical Commissioning Groups,

We have recently been made aware of the takeover of 49 NHS GP practices by US healthcare company, Centene. These GP practices care for communities across London.

We are writing to you to express our disappointment that there was no consultation with the local communities that will be directly impacted by this change prior to approval being given to the takeover. We also want to put on record our strong opposition to the decision to allow the takeover and ask you to do everything in your power to end it. 

The signatories of this letter disapprove of Centene's involvement in London GP practices for many different reasons, but whatever one's position on the involvement of the private sector in the NHS, it seems clear that Centene's track record over just the last 5 years makes them unsuitable to run GP practices.

In March just his year, they were sued by the state of Ohio in the US for allegedly creating "an elaborate scheme to maximize company profits at the expense of the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) and the state of Ohio”. And the state of Mississippi has just announced that they are investigating Centene for similar schemes.

Last year, they were found guilty of systematically underpaying emergency room doctors who worked for them in the US state of Arkansas.

And in 2018, they were the target of a class-action lawsuit by people who bought health insurance from them because Centene allegedly failed to provide them with “adequate access to doctors in 15 states” despite taking premiums from those people every month. The year prior (2017), Centene had been fined $1.5 million by the state of Washington for, by Centene's own admission, failing to provide a sufficient network of doctors for people who bought health insurance from them.

Their questionable activities have not been limited to the United States. In 2018, Centene was called "profit-greedy" by the Daily Mail after the company was also implicated in the closing down of a GP surgery in Harlow, Essex, here in England.

We have no reason whatsoever to expect that they will behave any differently in London. Such behaviour would undoubtedly have a profound impact on the quality of care Londoners, especially the elderly and vulnerable, receive as well as on the pay and conditions of the staff at our GP practices (including doctors). 

We hope that you will heed our call to do everything in your power to end Centene’s involvement in London GP practices on which our local communities depend.

Signed by...

  1. Emma Wallace Green Party candidate for Brent and Harrow
  2. Ken Clark Councillor, Manor Park
  3. Susan Masters Councillor
  4. Patricia Holland Councillor
  5. Karen Jewitt Councillor
  6. Tony Belton Councillor
  7. Eldridge Culverwell Councillor - Haringey and Woodgreen
  8. Geof Cooke Councillor
  9. Nurullah Turan Executive councillor for Health and Social Care, Islington Council
  10. June Nelson Councilor
  11. Luke Sorba Chair of Children and Young People Select Committee
  12. Sara Hyde Chief Whip, Islington Council
  13. Janice Long Councillor, Dudden Hill ward, LB Brent
  14. Daniel Kennelly Councillor, Preston Ward, LB Brent
  15. Geoff Barraclough Councillor, Maida Vale and patient at one of the surgeries affected
  16. Gilbert Smyth Cllr - Hackney
  17. Jumbo Chan Councillor (Brent)
  18. Peter Carpenter Councillor
  19. Suga Thekkeppurayil Councillor
  20. Sandra Kabir Chief Whip, Brent Labour Group
  21. Gloria Omotoso Community Activist
  22. Gabriela Salva Macallan Councillor, Tower Hamlets
  23. Jon Marks None
  24. Adam Hug Councillor and Leader of the Labour Group
  25. George Crane Councillor Fryent Ward, Kingsbury. Brent
  26. Claudia Hector Councillor, Kensal Green ward, London Borough of Brent
  27. Mohammad Aslam Choudry Councillor
  28. Dee Martin Labour Councillor, Northolt West End, LB Ealing
  29. Liz Dixon Local councillor
  30. Orleen Hylton Backbencher
  31. Mohammad Asghar Councillor
  32. Harbi Farah Cabinet Member for Adult and Social Care
  33. Abdifatah Aden Councillor
  34. Councillor Tariq Dar MBE A
  35. Erica Gbajumo Councillor Brondesbury Park ward, Brent
  36. Joii Nelson none
  37. Anne Brown Councillor, Southgate Green Ward, LB Enfield
  38. Chris Kennedy Cabinet Member for Health, London Borough of Hackney
  39. Robert Johnson Councillors Northwick Park Ward Brent
  40. Councillor Trupti Sangani Councillor
  41. Lynne Allen Local Councillor
  42. Parvez Ahmed Councillor, Dollis Hill Ward, LB Brent
  43. Krupa Sheth Councillor
  44. Sonia Shah Councillor
  45. Thomas Stephens Lead Member for Education, Business, Employment and Skills, LB Brent
  46. Vivienne Littlechild Elected member for the Ward of Cripplegate,
  47. Anjna Khurana Councillor, LB Islington
  48. Shafique Choudhary Councillor
  49. Satnam Gill Councillor
  50. Krupesh Hirani Labour and Co-op London Assembly Candidate for Brent and Harrow and Brent Councillor
  51. Tony Ethapemi Councillor
  52. Kam Adams Councillor, Hackney
  53. Jenny Kay Councillor, Islington
  54. Shama Tatler Councillor
  55. Margaret McLennan Councillor
  56. Nafsika Butler-Thalassis Councillor
  57. Peter Mitchell Councillor, Haringey
  58. Susan Falana-Thomas Cabinet Member for Community Safety
  59. Maurice Mcleod Cllr,
  60. Mili Patel Cabinet Member for Children's Safeguarding, Early Help and Social Care
  61. Sasha Das Gupta Councillor
  62. Patsy Cummings Councillor
  63. Anita Thakkar Preston Ward Councillor (Brent)
  64. Tom Miller Councillor for Willesden Green, Brent
  65. Rowena Bass Councillor and Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group
  66. Eleanor Southwood Cabinet Member, Housing and Welfare Reform, LB Brent
  67. Stephen Kapos None
  68. Nayra Bello OShanahan Councillor London Borough of Camden
  69. Ranjit Singh Cllr
  70. Sue Vincent Councillor
  71. Gaynor Lloyd Councillor
  72. Vincent Lo Councillor
  73. Ihtesham Afzal Councillor for Preston ward, Brent
  74. Paul Tomlinson Cllr, St Pancras & Somers Town ward, Camden
  75. Richard Cotton Councillor for Camden Town with Primrose Hill Ward, LB of Camden
  76. Diarmaid Ward Executive Member for Housing and Development - Islington Council
  77. Maggie Carman Bayswater Councillor
  78. Paul Dimoldenberg Councillor, Queen's Park Ward, Westminster
  79. Ruth Bush Councillor, Harrow Road Ward, City of Westminster
  80. Shamim Talukder Councillor, City of Westminster Council
  81. Pancho Lewis West End Ward Westminster, Shadow Environment
  82. Patricia McAllister Councillor Queens Park award Westminster
  83. Cllr Matt Kelcher Councillor for Kensal Green
  84. Keith Perrin Councillor (Brent)
  85. Lia Colacicco councillor
  86. Neil Nerva Brent Council - Queens Park Cabinet member for Public Health, Culture & Leisure
  87. Bhagwanji Chohan Councillor
  88. Ahmad Shahzad Member of Well-being NHS Scrutiny committee
  89. Peter Geiringer Conservative Councillor,--LB Sutton
  90. Rokhsana Fiaz Mayor of Newham
  91. Cllr Tricia Clarke Councillor, Islington
  92. Cllr Zulfiqar Ali Newham Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care
  93. Yemi Osho Councillor
  94. M CAN OZSEN Councillor, London Borough of HACKNEY
  95. Eve McQuillan Councillor, Tower Hamlets
  96. Silvana Kelleher Chair of Health & Safety Committee
  97. Anne Hutton Councillor
  98. Paul Bell Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning
  99. Joy Laguda Cllr
  100. Christine Stuart Councillor Chessington South Ward
  101. Patrick Murphy Newham Councillor
  102. Jean Crossby Local Councillor
  103. Kyrsten Perry Councillor Canary Wharf
  104. Rachel Blake Deputy Mayor and Lead Member - Adults, Health and Wellbeing
  105. David Boothroyd Councillor, Westbourne ward, Westminster
  106. Soraya Adejare Councillor, Dalston Ward, LB Hackney
  107. Soraya Adesanu Councillor, LB Hackney
  108. Nick Sharman Councillor, Chair, Audit Committee, LB Hackney
  109. Tim Cobbett Deputy Leader, RB Kingston Council
  110. Cllr Kelly Councillor
  111. Pete Elliott Lambeth Councillor - Gipsy Hill Ward
  112. Graeme Henderson Councillor
  113. Rachel Tripp Councillor - London Borough of Newham
  114. Angela Picknell Ward Councillor
  115. Sarah James Cabinet member for Adults and Health, Haringey
  116. Puru Miah Councillor London Borough Tower Hamlets
  117. Jonathan Bartley Cllr, Lambeth
  118. Chris Fry Retired
  119. Barrie Margetts Back bench
  120. Monica Saunders Councillir
  121. Caroline Russell London Assembly Member and Islington Councillor
  122. Andree Frieze Richmond Councillor
  123. Nicole Griffiths Local Councillor
  124. Sharron Sumner Councillor
  125. Sina Lari Chief Whip, Kensington & Chelsea Labour Group
  126. John Fahy Greenwich Councillor
  127. Keith Obbard District Councillor
  128. Richard Bennett Councillor and Leader of Greens on Richmond Council
  129. Asif Siddique Councillor, London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham
  130. Paula Walker Labour Councillor Wandsworth
  131. Judi Gasser Councillor
  132. Jill Whitehead Councillor
  133. Gary Heather Councillor
  134. Yvonne Maxwell Councillor LB Hackney , Mayoral Advisor for Older People
  135. James Chiriyankandath Councillor, Haringey
  136. Mahir Demir Councillor, Haringey
  137. Gideon Bull Cabinet lead for local investment and economic growth
  138. Matt White Cabinet Member for Planning and Corporate Services, Haringey
  139. Anne Stennett Councillor Haringey
  140. Georgie Robertson Camden Councillor
  141. Kirsten Hearn Cabinet lead for Climate change, equalities and leisure
  142. Preston Tabois Haringey Cllr
  143. Mick O'Sullivan Councillor
  144. Jamie Audsley Councillor, Bensham Manor Ward, LB Croydon
  145. Jerry Fitzpatrick Councillor, LB Croydon, Chief Whip.
  146. Aydin Dikerdem Councillor
  147. Felicity Flynn Labour Councillor for New Addington North
  148. Jaskiran Kaur Chohan Southall Broadway Councillor
  149. Lewis Cox Councillor for Hobbayne Ward in Ealing
  150. Cllr Saqib Butt Councillor, Sudbury, Brent North
  151. Alison Butler Councillor
  152. Tolga Aramaz Councillor
  153. Chris Clark Labour Councillor, Fairfield Ward, London Borough of Croydon
  154. Chris Williams Councillor, London Borough of Sutton
  155. Ben Coleman Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care, Hammersmith & Fulham Council
  156. Guthrie Mckie Shadow housing
  157. Pat Healy Cllr Kensington & Chelsea
  158. Mohammad Bakhtiar Cllr
  159. Anton Georgiou Liberal Democrat Councillor
  160. Bex White Councillor, Lead member for Childrens and Education Scrutiny
  161. Judith Blakeman Councillor for Notting Dale ward in RBKC
  162. Bora Kwon Councillor, Ravenscourt Park ward, Hammersmith & Fulham
  163. Clare Jeapes councillor
  164. Nadia Nail Councillor
  165. Sharon Patrick Councillor
  166. A Cousins Councillor
  167. Angella Murphy-Strachan Councillor (Harrow)
  168. Mick McCarthy Councillor
  169. Cllr Mas Patel LB Newham
  170. Patricia Callaghan Lead member for Healthy and Caring in Camden
  171. Ian Henderson Councillor
  172. Nick Wayne Councillor Canonbury Ward. London Borough of Islington
  173. Barry Gardiner Member of Parliament for Brent North
  174. Julian Fulbrook Councillor, LB Camden
  175. Philip Glanville Mayor of Hackney
  176. James King Councillor, Tower Hamlets
  177. Maureen O’Mara Cllr .West Greenwich ward Royal Borough of Greenwich
  178. Portia Thaxter Councillor
  179. Emma Coad RBKC Councillor
  180. Cllr Pat Mason Councillor
  181. Theresa Debono Chair of Policy and Performance - Councillor for LBI
  182. Richard Livingstone Councillor
  183. Robert Atkinson RBKC Councillor
  184. Linda Wade Councillor, Kensington and Chelsea
  185. Caroline Pidgeon Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member
  186. Pat Ryan Backbench
  187. Fleur Donnelly-Jackson Councillor
  188. Elliot Chappell Councillor for Willesden Green, Brent
  189. Aslam Choudry Councillor at LB of Brent
  190. Avril Coelho Councillor - Hampton North, LBRUT
  191. Caragh Skipper Councillor
  192. Janet La Porta A respected contributor to your team
  193. Patricia Leigh Very concerned citizen
  194. Patricia Lee Another very concerned citizen
  195. Alan Hall Councillor, Bellingham - London Borough of Lewisham
  196. Peter Tiplady ELECTOR
  197. Janice Giles Parish councillor
  198. Kym Kirby Smith Outreach worker
  199. Christine Lightbody Co founder of IOW Save Our NHS
  200. Jean Hurren Pensioner's rights
  201. Michael Coleman none
  202. David Abrahams-Edley None
  203. Jane Mac Donald
  204. Michael Harford Retire red Quality Rep .
  205. Beverly Godfrey retired
  206. James Donohue pensioners for justice
  207. Leoora Almond none
  208. Lucy Kelly Community Educator
  209. Sharon McAulay None
  210. Gwen Heppinstall None
  211. Mary Allden Angry member of Borough of Barnet
  212. Jill McAlister Yet another very concerned citizen
  213. Maureen Riddell Social Worker

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