People's Plan for Water

The People's Plan for water is a crowdsourced manifesto for what publicly owned water could look like, and what it could achieve. We gathered over 600 ideas and contributions from the public in every region and nation of the UK. 

The results are clear: the public want their water run for people, not profit, they want proper investment in the water system, and they want money spent on cutting bills rather than trickling away to shareholders. 

This is only possible if we bring our water into public ownership. Read the People's Plan in full, and see the detailed contributions by clicking our interactive map below!


Join the SplashMob - Let's own our water

Let's bring water into public ownership

Water is a human right, and privatisation has failed. For 30 years, the private water companies in England* have ripped us off, polluted our rivers with raw sewage, dodged taxes and let our water drain away through leaky pipes - all while extracting BILLIONS in profit and paying their CEOs MILLIONS!

63% of us support public ownership.

Let's make water companies work for people not profit.

Yes, I believe water should be in public ownership.

Last signature: Stuart Brighton, 5 days 10 hours ago

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