People's Plan for Water: give your ideas

Let's take back our water and make public ownership more successful than ever before!


Public ownership of water is on the national agenda - politicians and the media are talking about it, and that's thanks to YOU. Let's make the most of this moment by making sure that when public ownership happens, we get it right. 

If water was truly publicly owned, you would have the power to influence your local water company. In Paris, they've already taken control of their water and brought in some amazing changes: A state of the art research facility for water quality and pollution, a solidarity fund to help people pay their water bill, and free sparkling water fountains on the streets! What changes would you make?

Your ideas will form the People's Plan for Water - which we will present to MPs this autumn as a crowdsourced plan for public ownership of water. 

Now is the time to get your ideas on the table, as policy makers are getting ready for the party conferences. 

Click on your water company or region above, or select from the drop down menu, and get creative!

Do you want:

  • Fewer leaks - less need for a hosepipe ban?
  • Cheaper bills?
  • New free public drinking fountains in your town?
  • Access points for rough sleepers to get clean, hot water?

Sign now: bring water into public ownership!