What is We Own It?

After 40 years, privatisation of our public services has failed. It's time for public ownership. 
We use it, we pay for it, we own it.

Our mission

We Own It campaigns against privatisation and for 21st century public ownership. We believe public services belong to all of us - from the NHS to schools, water to energy, rail to Royal Mail, care work to council services.

Privatisation keeps failing - but there are lots of brilliant examples of public ownership we can learn from in the UK and around the world. Public ownership is incredibly popular. It will save money for the public purse, improve people's lives and help us tackle the climate crisis.

We Own It is completely independent of any political party - our only policy is public services for people not profit. The majority of our funders are individual donors. 

We will never endorse any particular politician or party. What we will do is to praise politicians of all stripes when they promote public ownership. We will criticise them when they push privatisation. 

We will help voters understand whether politicians have committed to public ownership, or whether they are still backing the failed ideology of privatisation.

And we will continue to hold politicians to account, regardless of who gains power on 5th July.

Our impact

With a small team, supported by our Board and advisors, we punch above our weight! Since launching in 2013, our achievements include:

WINNING CAMPAIGNS with others to stop the privatisation of Network Rail, Channel 4, the Land RegistryNHS Professionals and campaigning successfully to bring probation and the East Coast line, and TransPennine Express into public ownership.

MAKING THE CASE FOR PUBLIC OWNERSHIP, developing ideas for democratic public ownership in our When We Own It report, and sharing our message in the media, on Radio 4, Channel 4 News, LBC, Sky News and in the Mirror, Guardian, New Statesman, and Financial Times​.

We need YOU to make public ownership happen

Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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