It’s the NHS’s birthday - end privatisation!

Doctors, nurses and care staff are working around the clock to keep us safe.

But the government has been cutting and privatising our NHS for years – leaving it unprepared for the coronavirus crisis.

  • £9.2 billion a year of the NHS's budget goes to private companies [1]

  • Meanwhile, the government is underfunding our NHS – so we have fewer hospital beds than France and Germany [2]

  • The privatised NHS Supply Chain failed to get PPE to frontline NHS and care workers [3]

  • Now Serco is failing on track and trace, making it harder for us to come out of lockdown safely and hug our loved ones again [4]

84% of us want our NHS in PUBLIC OWNERSHIP, not privatised.

Dear Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health

On the NHS’s 72nd birthday, please thank hard working staff by ending privatisation:

  1. Our NHS should be in charge of this emergency to protect people. Make sure all staff have the PPE and testing they need.
  2. End outsourcing and bring all NHS staff back into the NHS family.
  3. Reinstate our NHS as a fully public service.

NHS staff deserve better after everything they’ve done for us. 

Let's thank them by putting safety before private profits.

Target: 25000

Last signature: Marguerite Dudley, 1 year 6 months ago

Photo of NHS staff in a mask

More information

[1] Private companies received £9.2 billion in NHS contracts in 2018.

[2] Information on bed numbers can be found from the King's Fund here.

[3] Our recent report - Privatised and unprepared - highlighted how the privatisation of the NHS supply chain contributed to PPE shortages.

[4] More information and our petition to scrap Serco's contract can be found here.