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Stop sewage by taking back our water

This is a scandal. Every day, the private English water companies are dumping huge amounts of disgusting raw sewage into our rivers and seas. Privatisation has been failing since 1989.

The shareholders receive £1.6 billion a year on average - that money could be invested in water infrastructure to stop sewage. 69% of us support public ownership.

Let's make water companies work for people not profit.

Yes, I believe water should be in public ownership.

Last signature: Nic Halifax, 3 hours 21 min ago

Background information:

You don’t get any choice about the water company you use - water is a natural monopoly. Yet in England we have sold off our vital national infrastructure to profit-making companies. (In Scotland and Northern Ireland water is already in public ownership and in Wales it’s not for profit.)

Publicly owned Scottish Water spends £72 more per household per year (35% more) on infrastructure than the privatised English water companies. If England had invested at this rate, an extra £28 billion would have been spent on tackling problems like leaks and sewage.

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