Here are the GP Practices taken over by US health insurance giant Centene

23 February 2021

US health insurance giant, Centene, through its UK subsidiary, Operose Health, has been taking over GP surgeries and practices in London and across the country for many years. 

Centene has recently taken over AT Medics, a primary care provider responsible for 49 GP surgeries and over 370,000 patients in the Greater London area.

With a total of 70 GP surgeries and practices, Centene is almost certainly the largest single provider of NHS primary care in England. 

This is shocking. Even the Daily Mail has called Centene a “profit greedy” company.

Below is a full list of the GP surgeries and practices currently owned by Centene, through its subsidiary Operose Health UK. 

Your GP’s surgery might be next - wherever you live.

Sign the petition and oppose the sell-off of our GP surgeries to Centene or any other corporation


The Flying Scotsman Health Centre     

St Sepulchre Gate W, Doncaster DN1 3AP



The Practice Leecon & Hawkwell     

1 Leecon Way, Rochford, Essex, SS4 1TU


Great Missenden

The Practice Prospect House     

108 High St, Great Missenden HP16 0BG



The Practice Harehills Corner     

209 Roundhay Road, Harehills, Leeds LS8 4HQ


The Practice Lincoln Green     

Burmantofts Health Centre, Cromwell Mount, Leeds LS9 7TA



Bramingham Park Medical Centre     

Lucas Gardens, Barton Hills, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU3 4BG


Kingsway Health Centre     

385 Dunstable Rd, Maidenhall, Luton LU4 8BY


Milton Keynes

Brooklands Health Centre     

Montague Cres, Broughton, Milton Keynes MK10 7LN


Newport Pagnell

Kingfisher Surgery     

26 Elthorne Way, Newport Pagnell MK16 0JR



Balderton Primary Care Centre     

Lowfield Lane, Balderton, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 3HJ


Broad Oak Medical Practice     

116 Strelley Road, Nottingham, NG8 6LN


Kirkby Community Primary Care Centre     

Ashfield Health & Wellbeing Centre, Portland St, Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottingham NG17 7AE


Southglade Medical Practice     

Southglade Rd, Nottingham NG5 5GU


The Practice St Albans & Nirmala     

112 Pedmore Valley, Nottingham NG5 5NN



The Practice Northumberland Avenue     

32 Northumberland Ave, Southend-on-Sea SS1 2TH



The Pathfinder Practice     

South West Herts Health Centre, Oxhey Dr, South Oxhey, Watford WD19 7SF



Albert Road Surgery    

76 Albert Road, North Woolwich, London E16 2DY


Barlby Surgery    

Exmoor Street, W10 6DZ


Britannia Village Surgery    

12a Wesley Avenue, London, E16 1TU


Brunswick Medical Centre    

39 Brunswick Square, London, WC1N 1AF


Burnley Medical Practice    

Willesden Centre For Health, Robson Avenue, NW10 3RY


Camden Health Improvement Practice    

The Margarete Centre, 108 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 2LS


Canberra Old Oak Surgery    

56 Bloemfontein Road, London, W12 7FG


Carpenters Practice    

236-252 High Street, Stratford, E15 2JA


Cassidy Medical Centre    

651a Fulham Road, SW6 5PX


Church Road Practice    

The Centre Manor Park, 30 Church Road, Manor Park, E12 6AQ


Earls Court Health and Wellbeing Centre    

2b Hogarth Road, London, SW5 0PT


East One Health  (now changed to Goodman’s Fields Health Centre)

 14 Deancross Street, E1 2QA (now at 11 Stable Walk, E1 8ZF, London)


Edith Cavell Surgery    

41 A-C Streatham Hill, London, SW2 4TP


Falmouth Road Group Practice    

78 Falmouth Road, Borough, SE1 4JW


Fieldway Medical Centre    

15a Danebury, CR0 9EU


GP Hub Brondesbury    

279 Kilburn High Road, NW6 7JQ


GP Hub Caversham    

4 Peckwater Street, NW5 2UP


GP Hub Central Croydon    

East Croydon Medical Centre, 59 Addiscombe Road, CR0 6SD


GP Hub Parkway    

Parkway Health Centre, Parkway, New Addington, CR0 0JA


GP Hub Purley    

Purley War Memorial Hospital, 856 Brighton Road, CR8 2YL


GP Hub Somers Town    

77-83 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1HY


GP Hub Swiss Cottage    

2 Winchester Mews, NW3 3NP


Hanley Primary Care Centre    

51 Hanley Road, London, N4 3DU


Headley Drive Surgery    

117a Headley Drive, CR0 0QL


Kings Cross Surgery    

The Bloomsbury Building, St. Pancras Hospital, NW1 0PE


Kings Road Medical Centre    

529 Kings Road, SW10 0UD


Lucas Avenue Practice    

1A Lucas Ave, London, E13 0QP


Mitchison Road Surgery    

2 Mitchison Road, London, N1 3NG


Mollison Way Surgery    

45c-46 South Parade, Mollison Way, Edgware, HA8 5QL


Parkway Health Centre    

Parkway, CR0 0JA


Queens Road Surgery    

136 Meeting House Lane, SE15 2UA


Silverlock Medical Centre    

2 Verney Way, London, SE16 3HA


Somers Town Medical Centre    

77-83 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1HY


St Ann's Road Surgery    

Laurels Healthy Living Centre, 256 St Ann’s Road, Tottenham, N15 5AZ


St Luke's Practice    

2 St Luke’s Square, Canning Town, E16 1HT


Streatham High Practice    

1st Floor, 2-8 Gracefield Gardens, SW16 2ST


Streatham Place Surgery    

26-28 Streatham Place, London, SW2 4QY


Thamesmead Health Centre    

4-5 Thames Reach, Thamesmead, London, SE28 0NY


The Lister Practice    

101 Peckham Road, SE15 5LJ


The Loxford Practice    

417 Ilford Lane, Ilford, Essex, IG1 2SN


The Practice Beacon Medical Centre     

The Garden Room at the Lighthouse, 111-117 Lancaster Rd, Ladbroke Grove, London W11 1QT


The Practice Furzedown     

88e Eardley Rd, London SW16 6BL


The Practice John Smith Medical Centre     

145 Bevan Ave, Barking IG11 9NS 


The Randolph Surgery    

235a Elgin Avenue, W9 1NH


Thornton Road Surgery    

299 Thornton Road, CR0 3EW


Trowbridge Surgery    

18 Merriam Avenue, London, E9 5NE


Valley Park Surgery    

Healthy Living Centre, Franklin Way, CR0 4YD


Wembley Practice    

116 Chaplin Road, Wembley, HA0 4UZ


Whitechapel Health Centre  (now changed to Goodman’s Fields Health Centre)

Shah Jalal Medical Centre, 44 Hessel Street, E1 2LP (now at 11 Stable Walk, E1 8ZF, London)


Victoria Medical    

1 Queens Road, Barking, Essex, IG11 8GD



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jim gault replied on Permalink

Most people in Britain today can't imagine having to pay for treatment, but for my parents generation it was commonplace for families to be unable to afford medical help. People suffered painful illness all the time. Imagine watching one of your children suffering because you couldn't afford the doctors bills. That's how it was until 1949..... and that's what this government has planned for us when they've sold our health service to the highest bidder. It's already well on it's way.

P barrett replied on Permalink

The privatisation of the NHS through the back door is disgraceful this should cease immediately .TheNHS is free at source should remain so. It is typical of the Americans to make a profit out of the pain and suffering of people they are morally bankrupt and this government Should be held to account.All of the those areas of the NHS that have been privatised should be taken back into public ownership as soon as is practically possible.

Jean Davis replied on Permalink

I agree people pay NI out of wages for NHS and have done for about 70 years keep it as is

Patrick Lilley replied on Permalink

NHS funding (approx. 80%) from general taxation... the govt recently starting taking more from NI.

Brenda Brown replied on Permalink

Yes if people knew that it is being done through back door then it would be stopped and the ones are usa owned be given back to people this information has to get out to eveyone. Thank you

Margaret replied on Permalink

I watched a programme on this company tonight , I knew 2 years ago there was something wrong I don’t think it was covid , just a excuse to privatise our n h s

This is a disgrace we can’t let the tories sell it we have to stand up and be counted Margaret x

KASales replied on Permalink

Sadly and possibly more shockingly, it wasn’t the Tories who bought in the legislation that allowed this. We can thank Sir Tony Blair for opening this particular door.

This is an extract from the BBC news report

‘Since the NHS's inception, GP practices have been run as private businesses, owned and managed by doctors known as "partners", providing services to the NHS, rather than being directly employed by it.

But in 2007, the then-Labour government changed the rules, allowing larger businesses to buy up practices in England, in an effort to drive competition and innovation.’

Chhobi Mallik replied on Permalink

It won't be possible because consecutive British Governments - when cash strapped- had to sell assets to raise funds to provide for their follies. USA knows when and where to invest their money and also know that they cannot buy back what they lost. Our Governments do not have that mindset how to run a profit making business. They only know how to get more money from increasing Taxes from ordinary people but do not plug the loop-holes for tax evading foreign business who had over the years flooded our markets and high streets. Over the years I have noticed our people had been misguided and misinformed by our own respective governments. We do not have a real leader courageous enough to stand up to the US or China trade policies.

Sandra Harle replied on Permalink

So agree and thousands of people have died who have paid into the NHS and never used it or hardly ever so there money was there as well as the many from everyone else who pays into it. We want it to stay as it is it WAS NOT SET UP TO LINE THE POCKETS of greedy share holders and OUR government needs to do something NOW. WE need to take back control before its too late it was meant for all to use not just the rich and privalidged. This is beyond back handing practise

Michael Coleman replied on Permalink

Jim, you're wrong about the highest bidder, bungling boris and his gangsters don't really understand money (we give them so much of it - and expenses) they just want to sell our NHS to anyone, so that the working class will suffer; just the old days when the poor went to the workhouse!

B Ingley replied on Permalink

It's looking like the Oligarchs are already controlling our Government in many different ways and they have to be stopped. Boris doesn't run our country, nor do any of the other MPs unless, of course, they are one of these elites. There's bound to be at least one amongst them! Our democracy is being taken away little by little!

Barbara replied on Permalink

Every day it's looking more like our country is not being run by the Government but by the Oligarchs. Boris isn't running the country, he's being used! Wait and see or try to do something about it!

Peter betsworth replied on Permalink

I am totally opposed to the sell off of our gps surgeries or any part of our NHS. We must take them all back under democratic, public control and kick these greedy us companies out now. I'm and democratic socialist that believes these services should be public ally owned!

Peter betsworth replied on Permalink

I am totally opposed to the sell off of our gps surgeries or any part of our NHS. We must take them all back under democratic, public control and kick these greedy us companies out now. I'm and democratic socialist that believes these services should be public ally owned!

Jan replied on Permalink

And did it in such a way people were not aware of it.

Kim Edwards replied on Permalink

Watch 'Groundswell' a film by John Furse (2018 I think) and we see how much further our country has moved towards the Conservatives objective of privatising the NHS by stealth. We will keep fighting against it.

Margaret Spector replied on Permalink

If you want to help join our group headed by John Furse.

LU LARGE replied on Permalink

Have been conscious of this happening on a local level in London over a number of years - but most people thought I was just a conspiratory theorist. The biggest 'black market' crime is that patients have not been made aware/or have a choice about it nefore or when they have to visit GP or go into hospital. From my view there is not alot to be proud of being "British" at present but the NHS definitely is/was. Thank you John Furze

Christine Brait... replied on Permalink

I read an article in The Independant today 7th March about this privatisation of gp practices and I'm now concerned that the same might apply to mine, Harborne Medical in Birmingham ? I'm.shocked to read that this underhand acquisition has been going on for so long as today was the first time I'd read about it! But I think it's now becoming obvious that Covid might have been a cover for a degree of transition maybe for some practices? Besides poor service still being the case for mine and other practices, I've noticed there are now far more GPS doing private work so is this also a lucrative part of the mass takeover?

Fatema Patwa replied on Permalink

We are with Lordswood Road Medical Surgery in Harborne and are also concerned that it may have been taken over by a corporate. We will ge happy to join a campaign to bring it back to it being owned by GPs themselves.

Graham Masters replied on Permalink

How do you stop a government from selling off our NHS. I bet all the mp's in all the different parties know about it.they are not going to rock a boat. Just take their money and run.they are all gready and untrustworthy. No MP ever tells the truth they just skirt around it. They have a degree on how to be a liar.

Joe blogs replied on Permalink

This Tory Government has promised and praised our NHS in every way and anyway possible especially during the pandemic only but this is all part of the plan they have been performing behind everyones back and that is with the continuation of (selling it off through the back door)and they’re performance in this covering it all up (giving it all the praise in the world)is only visible to the gullible is when those people who can’t see it happening need treatment and only then do they start complaining about having to wait for hours in the A and E or trying to get a GP appointment and they can’t this is usually the only time do they wake up and question themselves and start thinking is this all due to the so-called privatisation that supposed to be happening?

Yes it is and those responsible are same people who they hear bragging how brilliant it is and then have the nerve to be clapping for ALL NHS workers knowing that it’s actually falling apart from the seams and this is what they want as to give them the excuse to say it’s time to make some changes ( changers that have already happened) under the noses of the people who are complaining about waiting times or getting a GP appointment ect … these same people need a wake up call before it’s too late and another way is for the opposition party’s to make it more public by being more vocal and until now I haven’t heard anything serious or loud enough that has woken up the eyes of the general public because if they knew what’s happening in front of them they’d be on the streets up in arms screaming at the people who they voted into power and they (those voters) fell for all the lies hook line and sinker, the size of this cover up is similar to Russia’s denial of the Salisbury attack.

The sooner these compulsive lairs are out the better but in three years time I think there will be nothing left to sell.

Stay safe everyone and goodbye!

From Liverpool

L Jones replied on Permalink

Don’t know what I can add to the discussion, anyone seen todays news on Operose?

Health services, utilities, public transport, social care none of these should be in the hands of profiteering companies out for the shareholders and big bonuses

ANGELA replied on Permalink

We do pay, it is not free. I paid all my working life for health care via my National Insurance. This was for nearly 60 years. It was intended originally to be free at the point of need for UK residents.

nicholas humby replied on Permalink

This is another privatisation of our NHS which belongs to us all and seems to be happening by stealth.It's a typical Tory tactic and it must be brought to the public's attention.

Roger Luffman replied on Permalink

Sadly there are people in the Labour Party even now who are actively invved in the privatisation of our NHS. At the very least they should be named and shamed.

Zak replied on Permalink

We're waiting for the names... Meanwhile probably better to concentrate on those in power?

Sheila Mawaziny replied on Permalink

That is disgusting. At least I can ask my MP if she is one of them and everyone who has a Labour MP could do the same.

Unfortunately I suspect that much of this shady business is carried on out of hearing and sight.

The problem is that many people are completely unaware of the impact of not having a good NHS .

Denise Fowler replied on Permalink


Lisa Robinson replied on Permalink

Is this honestly true, Roger Luffman? I find it impossible to believe and would appreciate evidence, please, if you write this for the public to see and believe....

Art D replied on Permalink

The Parliamentary arm of the Labour Party has never been fully committed to Socialist government since 1950, if then. The spirit of 1945 was voiced [too quietly] by Jeremy Corbyn who inspired a huge majority of the party and brought in many new younger members, whose access to 21st century information no doubt taught them common-sense. Well-regulated capitalism is the best-available system of economy PROVIDED it is founded on principles of Socialism. As Lenin said so vehemently, words to this effect, "All those who have means and ability, contribute generously to the wealth of the People, which will provide for those who are less able to survive unaided." Profiteers at the pinnacle of success are taking too large a share of the income generated by all in the team; Employers are no more entitled than workers, to gain a fair living from their input. How is possessing capital to invest and skills to navigate the opportunities and pitfalls of commerce calculated to be worth so much more than the workers who invest all their assets, brain and body into making their employers' and shareholders rich while the workers are paid barely enough to live, and that not very happily? Mixed Economy regulating practical terms between enterprise and welfare must be the formula; No 'In-work benefits: If a business cannot afford to pay its employees a living wage, it is not a viable enterprise; If it yet pays its investors and managers well enough, its employees are being short-changed if they also need benefits from the public purse. i.e. spreading the true cost of production among all tax-payers instead of running a business to be self-sufficient. The bleeding obvious? So it should be with the NHS; spread the cost among UK tax-payers all contributing a fair percentage of income. No Foreign profiteers, thank you.

Valerie Lea replied on Permalink

An American colleague working with me (OVER 10 years ago )in the NHS said to me “ Never let them get rid of your NHS. It is Amazing. Never let it get like the American system …THATS ALL ABOUT MONEY.

So the question is…..who is there (across all parties ) who will stand up and stop the privatisation by stealth. It is immoral on so many levels. Who can be trusted ?

Martin Sookias replied on Permalink

I remember my father, as a very caring GP, being thrilled when finally he could prescribe the medicines his patients needed rather than what they might be able to afford. It seems that, in every area in which the quality of life matters, whether it's health, education, food, our barely United Kingdom, even our natural global freedoms of personal association, the malign influence of Brexit is hell-bent on destruction.

Michael Gascoigne replied on Permalink

I find it incredible that NHS surgeries are being owned by large American companies. This is not what the founding fathers of the NHS had in mind in 1947/48. Boris, step up to the mark and make the NHS a British, publicly owned organisation., just as was planned in 1947 and became publicly owned when it came into existence in 1948.

Barbara Wotton replied on Permalink

I totally agree but the generation that have enjoyed knowing you will be cared for free of charge is on the way out and the new generation have no idea what they will be in for when the NHS has gone I dont understand how this could be happening especially as we have been promised that no way would the NHS be sold off but slowly behind all our backs it's going I wish I knew how much more how this works it seems in 10 to 15 years we will end up like USA not being able to give people with Diabetes there prescription without them paying a very high price so the people who are on a limited budget suffer

Nigel Page replied on Permalink

Agree with all you said apart from the 10 or 15 years. Because there is no opposition, the next term of Tory Government will see see health for profit mainly implanted by then.

Alan Bond replied on Permalink

The tories have NEVER supported the idea of the NHS and they have worked since its inception to undermine it. The much vaunted Winston Churchill voted time and again against the creation of the NHS and tory leaders since then have chipped away at its funding. Thatcher was the biggest enemy and thousands died because of her and her piecemeal cuts. On the 6th May we have an opportunity to show our disgust by making sure that as few tories as possible get re-elected to councils, as mayors, as police commissioners and in every other facet of our electoral system. VOTE THE TORIES OUT or suffer the consequences, they can NEVER be trusted. WE need to send a message to the Downing Street serial liar and aduterer that his comeuppance is on the way !

Peter Callomon replied on Permalink

too late. The horse has bolted and Boris was riding the horse. The tory fanatics have been swinging their majority almost from day1 and the UK is much the worst for it.

E Harkin replied on Permalink

So, the NHS is not 'on the table' then!

I am incensed by this and have to wonder why I didn't know.

A stop MUST be put to this and the NHS brought back fully in to public ownership.

Lynne Crowe replied on Permalink

Why isn't the British press making a fuss about this? The PM has said time and time again that he definitely won't privatise the NHS. Does Kier Starmer know about it? Why isn't he making a fuss too?

I thought D Cameron's government was the worst in my lifetime, but he was an innocent compared !

Joe replied on Permalink

Because the British press is owned by the elite, Murdock for one who want NHS privatisation. Corbyn did warn us and thevp press called him a liar. NH$

Linden Empson replied on Permalink

It was going on under Cameron's reign. There has been one giant cover up from the beginning. Could it be due to a Tory Press and

Tory ideology, which opposed the introduction of the NHS at the outset, that doesn't believe in State Funding for pretty well anything,and certainly not a Welfare State.

Michael Coleman replied on Permalink

In a nutshell, the tory owned media. So you'll never see it in the press or on tv.

austin horne replied on Permalink

It was going on under Blair's government too !

wil gan replied on Permalink

absolutely right austin - at least we know what the tories are up to, Blair, Browne and their cronies were just as bad; who can forget the pair of them scurrying off to Australia, upon being elected, to get their instructions from Rupert Murdoch.

Claire Hetherington replied on Permalink

In a nutshell, we don't hear about this in the British press because Murdoch. Dear old Rupe and a few other like minded oligarchs run the British Press and the British Government as well (whether under Johnson or Starmer) for the benefit of themselves and other obscenely greedy billionaires. The reason Jeremy Corbyn was so vilified in the British Press was that, unlike many politicians, he could not be browbeaten, bribed, or bought. If he'd made it to 10 Downing Street (as he very nearly did in 2017) we'd be feeling a lot more secure about our NHS and American Healthcare giants would be facing the wrath of their disappointed shareholders..... we can but dream.

amy replied on Permalink

Because the Labour govt in 2007 made the changes to allow GP surgeries to be bought by companies instead of being run by groups of GP's

j Ireland replied on Permalink

Once again, despite promises to the contrary, this government is selling off our national institutionsby stealth. It is time it was stopped and made public what they are about. It would be interesting to know how many of our MPs. and other public figures/organisations have shares etc in these companies.

Anthony (Tony) ... replied on Permalink

Not just stopped, but *reversed*. Why aren't hospital doctors able to buy up these practices? ... No need to answer!

Patricia Jean Lee replied on Permalink

This simply must not be allowed to happen.! What is our government thinking of? We as a nation do not want it.

Anonymous replied on Permalink

Privatisation of the NHS has ALWAYS been the intention if this government. They lie all the time but too many are all too willing to believe, or disregard the lies until the consequences affect them personally. I'm old and won't be around to suffer the consequences for long but I'm desperately worried about the future for my family

anonymouse replied on Permalink

Am in the same position and couldn't agree more!

Jeff Mathews replied on Permalink

Once again this Tory government says one thing and does something entirely different. I remember David Cameron proclaiming his love for the NHS before throwing it under Lansley's bus. Johnson has said something similar, but he is known for his struggles with truth, surprised I’m not, disgusted by the Tory's cavalier approach to the good things in the UK, yes I am.

Why are we so powerless in the face of so much deception by politicians that claim to uphold our values.

Cynthia Ankers replied on Permalink

this is a disgrace. I was unaware this was happening, I am sure most of the population would be horrified if they knew this was happening. How has sit been allowed to happen?

Margaret Hayday replied on Permalink

Agree wholeheartedly but I’m in a state of shock that our NHS has become a bargaining tool. I am alarmed to learn the media are holding back, they are quick enough to ruin a person’s reputation but are keeping mum that our NHS is up for grabs by no other than an American company who would let their own people die in the streets if they didn’t show the almighty dollar. How can we, Joe public, shout from the roof tops to gain the necessary attention to stop this happening. GOD SAVE OUR NHS

Frances Bell replied on Permalink

I had no idea. surely it should be the NHS that benefits from the everyday health system

melissa ironside replied on Permalink

I absolutely agree with this cause. People should not profit from national causes such as this.

John Mansbridge replied on Permalink

This is the result of yet another Johnson lie. Once a liar, always a liar.

Alisoun Gardner... replied on Permalink

working in the USA, my late husband worried because he had not only to decide whether a procedure would give enough information to help the patient to make it worth while exposing him/her to the pain, but he also had to decide whether the parents could afford it. He spent his life working for the NHS, and never took a private patient.

William Riley replied on Permalink

Please send the list to Private Eye who tend to be sympathetic to our cause. It's worth a try.

M Gordon replied on Permalink

This is being done without public knowledge, without consultation on the implications, and against all of the principles of the NHS. Our health care is not there to make profits for American corporations or be sold by this government to any greedy organisation where making money prevails . Clearly the government abet and agree with this shameful betrayal of the NHS. And what better time to do it - by stealth during the covid pandemic. Are we surprised? I think not. We must make this disgraceful state of affairs known to the nation!!!! How can we make this a public outcry?

Malcolm Grant replied on Permalink

Tory governments have been hell bent on re privatising the NHS since 1948 The very idea of a public health service is anathema to their

ideology. If they could find a way to meter it they would sell the very air we breath. This government in particular stinks of corruption.

ken replied on Permalink

We need a general election to get the stinking tory party OUT as soon as possible.

Laraine Mallalieu replied on Permalink

What a disgraceful state of affairs. How can the Tories get away with this? OUR pride & joy which they underfunded for years. Now selling Doctors Surgeries to America. Corruption of the Highest Degree!

Maggie Johnson replied on Permalink

So very worrying.

paul evans replied on Permalink

This is a disgrace we must not let this happen this needs to be told by the press and we must demonstrate to show them that it is not for sale at any price

RONALD Thompson replied on Permalink

It is time people in the UK woke up and realise the extent to which the presious NHS is already privatised and how much of our income tax is going into the back, and front, pockets of greedy private companies.

Trevor Kelley replied on Permalink

I remember my father, who was a staunch supporter of the NHS, telling me that his father died, in 1941, of a simple chest infection, at the age of 53, simply because they couldn't afford medical care! If this 'government' gets its way, stories like this could well be come commonplace in the near future. The Tories have always been jealous of the NHS, because ithey has never come up with anything that is so popular with the electorate.

TonySomerset replied on Permalink

This Government is in a rush, behind closed doors, to bring in american-styled health services. The tipping point of no return is already behind us. We are well advanced on their route map to private health insurance whilst claiming to 'protect' our NHS. Healthcare for profit? Shout out loud and tell all your friends to shout out too, if you do not want a NHS run for Profit.

Frank Kenneth M... replied on Permalink

DO NOT TRUST THE tories WITH OUR NHS. tories, for the most part, are greedy, selfish LIARS. They are like pigs at the trough; they and their mates are feeding with gusto off of brexit and now Covid. How do they get away with it? I ought to be a conservative and have a lot to conserve but I could and would never vote tory; they are liars and bullies.

Do not trust the tories with the NHS. They cannot be trusted because they are ideologically, probably genetically, disposed to privatise all public services and, in particular, OUR NHS.

Karen Morley replied on Permalink

Totally agree in paying GPs it would allow more quality time and NHS should help for A&E and other emergencies

Richard Lown replied on Permalink

A further example of Tory duplicity and lies - this is our NHS and shouldn not be for salwe to rapacious profiteers. For the people not the few!

b replied on Permalink

Many folk here also fooling themselves that Labour will put things right ?

They will not, nothing will change under. them, too much cash in hand involved , Americans willingly pay up to keep any chance of losing their scams and lucrative payouts for all left or right politicos ,!

Our one and only possibility is a mass ( poll tax style ) march on Westminster !

nothing will change under them, too

ay offs and

Norman Rimmell replied on Permalink

The problem is that GP services have always been privately owned since the inception of the NHS in 1948. Nye Bevan had to concede this in order to het GP’s on board in face of enormous opposition at yhe time grom the whole medical profession. What is needd is legislation to take these services out of private hands and place them in public ownership. As a Labour Party member I shall table a motion to this effect at my next branch meeting, demanding that it be made LP policy. I suggest all LP readers of this do the same.

Ian Christie replied on Permalink

I had no idea that GP Surgeries could be sold and bought, naively thinking they were co-operatively owned by doctors! This is certainly not common knowledge, and no doubt not widely advertised, wither by the Govt or by the new owners.

Kath Hall replied on Permalink

It’s amazing what business can be done under the cloud of Covid and the chaos of Brexit .! So quietly and shadily.

anita soley replied on Permalink

Keir Starmer needs to issue a warning of what will happen to these private health deals once Labour gets in and meanwhile, let’s all do what we can to bring that about.

Michael Coleman replied on Permalink

How can you all be surprized?

tories despise us, the working class, ordinary people went on strike in 'The Great Unrest' during 1910 to 1914 and the tories have never forgotten it!

During WW2 there were more than 2000 'stoppages' with workers wanting better pay and conditions and the tories have never forgotten it!

In 1943 soldiers in the 8th Army were pressured into denouncing strikes and 'The 8th Army News' headlined with "The right to strike is one of the freedoms we are fighting for" and the tories have never forgotten it!

tony liar and his pal Gordon Brown tried to stop strikes when THEY invaded Iraq.

Surely ever since thatcher who used (probably) the police and the press against the miners in 1982 and later on the fire fighters, you must see what a disgusting and despicable bunch the tories are.

During the covid 19 pandemic if you knew an mp you could get a contract to supply PPE, never mind that it was useless as long as you got the contract. serco failed at track and trace - apparently the CEO doesn't know the company failed -

but he and his shareholders are laughing all the way to the bank.

Think of the tories in the same way as donald trump; self seeking, greedy, bombastic heartless bullies.

Why wouldn't they sell our NHS to their old school chums or the Americaan health insurance companies, if there's a few quid in it for them?

Nigel Cooper replied on Permalink

Whenever Johnsons mouth moves it means he is lying. He promised us the NHS was not on the table for sale and he goes and does this. They recently put a law through Parliament that people with Covid should not be resuscitated if in hospital with the virus. This Government is vile even by Tory standards and that is saying something .

Anonymous replied on Permalink

So they have taken over the one I am registered with. Not happy about this at all.

Vytis Baltrunas replied on Permalink

I live in Scotland so this won't effect me but I find it disgusting that this has happened in England, it goes against everything the NHS was created for.

Shame on the English government for doing this to its people its criminal.

christine Burnett replied on Permalink

Keep our NHS for the people.

Brexit replied on Permalink

It was quite clear during Brexit campaign that the main goal was to get rid of EU regulations to be able to sell more to the US. Too bad people believed imminent lies like giving millions more per week to NHS. The money saved on EU membership will go into pockets of politicians and their companies, not back to public.

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I have known for 3 or 4 years that my GP had become totally different!!! I am old enough to remember at the beginning of the war I was very ill and given a new drug (M&B antibiotic) and every Fri night the Doctors wife came to collect money for my treatment they too were not wealthy!!! Do some of Government have shares in these companies? My Father has been sold up the road for what he fought for in 1945.The GP all most told me I was a old fool and I did not what I was talking about.Treatment at the GP is nil and the newspapers should make it known.

Carol Milner replied on Permalink

I do not trust the Tories with our NHS, though to be fair I don't trust them with anything else either! They want to saddle the UK with a lousy 'health system like the US one. When the poot and those in jobs that do not have health insurance sicken and die wothout treatment and the rich boast to the world about their onderful health care.

Roger Gartland replied on Permalink

"A free Health Service is a triumphant example of the superiority of collective action and public initiative appled to a segment of a society where commercial principles are seen at their worst." Aneurin Bevan, "In Place of Fear" 1952.

Maya Ali replied on Permalink

The very thought of making profit from what can be people’s misery is so so very wrong .

Hugh Griffen on... replied on Permalink

One chap here said "why are we so powerless. Things like this cannot be stopped if one party,, has a majority, that can defeat all the opposition parties, even when they are working together! This is currently the case for the tories right now. And as everything the government does, or does not do, is in the name of the Queen, the tories can do what they like! Neither the Tories or the monarch, give two hoots about the will of the people, and don't have to anyway, because of glaring faults, in the Parliamentary system of the UK. Until this is rectified no government in this country can be held accountable, by the people! This is a common, mistaken belief held by nearly everyone in the UK. That is where the real problem lies in the UK. NO GOVERNMENT CAN BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANYTHING!!

Kim sawbridge replied on Permalink

Boycott GP surgeries owned by foreign investment.

Sammy PALFREY replied on Permalink

I love the NHS. I am proud of it when i look at healthcare provision around the around the world i feel lucky. But the reality is that there are greedy money-makers particularly America who want to get their dirty hands on our healthcare provision and we have to fight that all the way

Anonymous replied on Permalink

If we lose any of our healthcare Britain would be rubbish to live in

Hella Huber El-... replied on Permalink

I agree with the above statement. Ultimately it is our government who allows it!

Ash Molloy replied on Permalink

Hard to believe.

Pete Dennis replied on Permalink

Parts of the NHS should not be owned by any company, be it British, American or anybody.

Esperanza Schlaepfer replied on Permalink

No part of the NHS should be owned by a private company, regardless of nationality. It should remain publicly owned and we should all be prepared to contribute to make sure it serves us all, regardless of personal income.

Jennifer Barrett replied on Permalink

I am horrified at the privatisation by stealth of our wonderful NHS. I am old enough - just - to remember what it was like before we had universal health care free at the point of access. My parents suffered from not being able to afford to pay as they were from poor working class families. Why is there not a national campaign of outrage to stop this? Do people really believe the private sector can do it better? I have lived in the USA and know the one thing that people there obsess about is their inability to pay for health care. Even those who have insurance find it is not comprehensive. There is no excuse that we cannot afford it. After WW2 this country was in no different a situation to what we are now and yet the NHS was set up, pensions introduced, education for all. Neither my husband nor I would be alive if it was not for the NHS. Making profit from people's suffering is a disgrace and morally corrupt. We have to fight!

Maureen Tilford replied on Permalink

First of all, can we find out how a practice can be 'sold'? What is the process? Who signed the bill of sale? What was the point? Were these practices 'failing'?

Secondly, you can be sure that there will be a cast iron and irreversible contract with the American company. Even if we mount a massive public campaign to stop the sell off of any more practices, there will be no way back for those already sold down the river without punitive financial penalties.

Thirdly, there must be totally transparent scrutiny of how these practices are run: let us see their patient care outcome measures.

They must publish their accounts and reveal how much are they paying their share holders and their senior executives. What bonus are they paying the CEO?

Anonymous replied on Permalink

Save our NHS we need it and would never be able to pay for our medications .It is disgusting how dare these politicians do this!

Gloria Syred replied on Permalink

What a shock!


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