Top 10 countries where public ownership is totally normal

6 December 2019

1. Scotland

Scottish Water was never privatised, it’s publicly owned and is the most trusted utility in the UK, delivering cleaner rivers, lower bills and more investment per head.

2. Ireland

Mail, rail, buses and water are all publicly owned in the republic of Ireland.

3. Switzerland

The railway in Switzerland is publicly owned - and it’s been named the best train company in Europe

4. Denmark

Denmark has the highest proportion of wind power in the world. Its transmission grid (like our National Grid) is fully publicly owned and most wind farms are cooperatively or community owned. 

5. The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, water, electricity and gas networks are all publicly owned - and it's ILLEGAL to privatise any of them!

6. Slovakia

Slovakia’s publicly owned railway provides free rail transport for children, students and pensioners.

7. Germany

The city of Munich in Germany is developing 100% municipal and 100% renewable energy by 2025 - they got tired of waiting for the private providers so they’re doing it directly.

In Germany too, 88% of all trips on local public transport (bus, tram and local trains) are provided by publicly-owned operators.

8. Greece

The Greek government is installing free wifi in 3000 public spaces including public squares, pedestrian zones, playgrounds, municipal libraries and museums.

9. France

The post office in France (La Poste) is publicly owned. Its services include banking, insurance, driving tests, fresh food delivery and home visits for older people.

10... and France again!

Water is also publicly owned in hundreds of French cities! One of these is Paris, where L’Eau de Paris (the publicly owned company) has cut bills and introduced still and sparkling water fountains throughout the city #socialismwithasparkle

Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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Brian Henry Roberts replied on Permalink

It is right wing ideology that wants us to lower our standards to the American standards as opposed to the much higher standards of Europe.

WJ Hewlett replied on Permalink

Somebody talking sense at last, well said pall. This country is in such a mess as the tories stumble from one chaotic mess to another and thrash around trying to blame anybody or anything but themselves. And the politically eliteret working class tories are conned again by Bojo the clown

Anne Mead replied on Permalink

Good, informative and useful information. The problem is that our electorate do not get much coverage of this information in the main media outlets.

c s sagoo replied on Permalink

We should make it illegal to privatise utility services and other essential services as is the case in the top 10 countries. What's stopping this from being implemented?

Terence Wallis replied on Permalink

Absolutely - I agree but only Jeremy Corbyn would see that through & I doubt the populace having been fed hate bile in MSM will do that in Thursday's election. I blame the dim voters who fall for all the lies flying about.

Sue Saunders Vosper replied on Permalink

Given the disastrous consequences of many of our privatised sectors (rail, social care, parole, etc) we absolutely need to take them back into public ownership and given that the majority of the population agree that some of these areas should be returned to public control it would seem the democratic thing to do. A large and important part of our economy should clearly remain in the private market sector - i.e. where the advantages of market competition, innovation and profit reflect consumers fluctuating demands and needs but where security, equal opportunities and infrastructural provisions this is not always the case. A thriving economy which delivers a reasonable level of well being for all demands a mixed economy where the state regulates where necessary and steps in to provide essential services where private semi monopolies fail to deliver and where the economy is in need of investment where private enterprise has not delivered.

M replied on Permalink

Bring back public ownership of public utilities.

Patrick Luis replied on Permalink

Wish it would come quicker !!!!

David Armbruster replied on Permalink

For the people not profit

Jill Goodman replied on Permalink

Public utilities should be kept public. We do not have a choice in whether or not to use water or power. Most of the profits from all the privatised utilities go overseas.

Lesley Ansell replied on Permalink

Privatisation of utilities is corrupt

drew snell replied on Permalink

just look at the names all had BRITISH -gas,electric ,rail,airways,telecom and the others had NATIONAL-express etc,ROYAL MAIL, on and on the tories and their friends with funny handshakes shared out swag and now its gone,the poor pick up the bill,forgot BP,british petroleum, THEFT and FRAUD

Brian Fellows replied on Permalink

It's about time that the public should be made aware that England is the only country in the world that water and sewage service are owned by private companies, who only consider their shareholders. Margaret Thatcher was the person responsible for allowing private ownership of the water companies and also British Rail, Royal Mail,etc. She has a lot to answer for!

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