We showed up to Nadine Dorries' office!

27 January 2022

Today, We Own It supporters showed up at Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries’ office in London to send her a clear message - stop the privatisation of Channel 4! 

We were joined at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport by members of Equity and BECTU trade unions as we launched our open letter to Nadine Dorries. As well as top trade unionists, the letter is signed by the West of England and West Yorkshire Combined Authority Mayors and independent production companies. The letter lays out our case against Channel 4 privatisation. You can read the letter and see who’s signed it here!

The action was full of surprises - including a sudden outburst in which Boris Johnson literally tore up job opportunities in the nations and regions, and an unexpected appearance from Margaret Thatcher in support of our campaign (click here to see why!)

The protest was covered in the Morning Star and the National.

This fight is not over and there will be more campaign actions to come. But today we want to say thank you to everyone who came along! And even if you couldn’t make it, you can show your opposition to Channel 4 privatisation by sharing our tweet far and wide. If you haven’t joined the campaign yet, here are 5 reasons why you should! 

The decision from the government could come any day now. But we know that when we come together, we can achieve big wins. Let’s do it again and save Channel 4 from privatisation!     

Here are some of YOUR reasons why Channel 4 should stay in public ownership:

Caroline: If we allow this Government to get their hands on Channel 4, it will have far-reaching consequences for many and will join the growing list of treasures we as a nation value but are in danger of losing.  

Irena: I totally object to Channel 4 being removed from public ownership. It creates thousands of jobs for our economy.  

Jon: Channel 4 produces brilliant work, excellent documentaries and independent news - what's not to like?   

Gail: It’s a channel to be proud of.

Do you believe in public services for people not profit?

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Jeff Gibson replied on Permalink

I'm already with you.

Joan replied on Permalink

The channel needs to remain and receive more finance to return to its original and cultural independence.

Carol replied on Permalink

Privatisation simply leads to increased wealth of a few shareholders whilst most people find themselves worse off and losing their freedom to choose.

Clare Sandercock replied on Permalink

Channel 4 shows dramas others daren't - keep it public- it doesn't have to answer to Government and be controlled.

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