Day of Action: Kick Centene Out of our GP Practices 

Centene has just taken over 49 NHS GP practices in addition to the 21 they already controlled across England. Will you be a part of the fight to kick profit-greedy Centene out of our GP practices. 

As pandemic restrictions loosen, now is the time to take our Centene campaign into the open and make sure that people in our communities know what’s happening.

It doesn’t matter where in the UK you live. It doesn't matter whether your own local GP practice is being taken over by Centene.

You can be part of a mass movement of people from all across the country, speaking with a unified voice, saying: We don’t want Centene anywhere near the NHS.

Get involved in our Centene campaign Day of Action on Thursday, 22nd April. 

Want to take action? Here are three ways to take action you can choose from

1. You can take action on your own or with just people from your household by going to your local GP practice, taking pictures there with our prepared posters and sharing your pictures on social media with our Tweet draft:

  • Print out one of these posters or design a poster by hand with a similar message.
  • Go to your local GP practice at a convenient time - it doesn't matter if your GP practice is directly affected by the Centene takeovers.
  • Take pictures at your GP practice with your poster.
  • For those who have a Twitter account: Click this link, add your pictures to the prepared tweet, and send your tweet.
  • For those without a Twitter account: Send your pictures to and we will help you share them

Finally, stand in a socially distanced way at your GP practices for 10-15mins and try to chat to local people about the risks to our NHS GP practices of Centene or companies like them.  Find out more about the risks here.

2. You can join one of over a dozen protests that are planned if you live close to one and if you are comfortable with being in a group:

  • There are protests planned in many parts of London as well as in Leeds, St Albans and Nottingham. Find the venues and times of the protests here. If one is happening near you and you feel comfortable attending, please do. 
  • IF you don't feel comfortable attending a big group at the moment, that is perfectly okay. You can still take action in any of the other suggested ways.

3. If you can’t go out at all, you can spend today multiplying the impact of our petition by sending it to at least 10 people who are not yet aware of this issue: 

  • We understand that not everyone can go out at the moment. That is fine. You can spend the day making a list of family and friends who may not have heard about Centene's takeovers of NHS GP practices, send them the link to our petition and if possible talk to them about it. Encourage them to also spread the word.
  • Find the petition here.

Thank you so much for taking action in your community to kick Centene out of our NHS GP practices.